Month: April 2013

Botox® clinic in Hertfordshire sets the standards

Not one to brag, but I was looking back at what aesthetics, a botox clinic in Hertfordshire has achieved over the last few years in terms of its facial aesthetic services such as botox and dermal fillers.


Harry first started his training in 2002 and was one of the first dentists to offer botox to his patients. He initially began with simple treatments such as anti wrinkle injections and then progressed to dermal fillers. As his confidence grew and he built a steady base of loyal patients, he started offering a wider range of services.


He stopped becoming a ‘line chaser’ and looked at the whole face and started combining botox with skin therapies. He knows that not all patients want to take up everything he recommends, and that is fine. My job is to offer the best most comprehensive advice to my patients and let them make an informal decision.


aesthetics, Harry’s clinic based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire has been recognised by its peers for its achievements.


In 2012 it was voted in the Top 3 facial aesthetics clinic in the Private Dentistry Awards. In the same year it reached the finals of the best aesthetics clinic in the myfacemybody awards. His colleague Smita Mistry came up with the idea and is the founder of the facial aesthetics academy. She asked Harry to join her with this academy which trains medical and dental professionals on the marketing and sales aspects of facial aesthetics.


It is nice to receive such appreciation from your peers. However we must not forget that our patients are at the centre of everything we do. Without them we would have no business. We are always looking at the latest and best products to use, updating out training on a regular basis – and all to benefit our loyal patients.


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Can botox treat under the eyes?

We have many female patients concerned with the appearance of the skin under their eyes. Whether it be lines, dark circles or loose skin. Many of them ask whether botox can be used here.


Unfortunately botox will not work directly under the eyes. It can be used for crows feet – which are the smile lines around the sides of the eyes.


So if botox does not work under the eyes, then what is the solution.


The hollowness under the eye is known as the tear trough and we can now treat this area effectively.


Initially I was reluctant to recommend anything because of the products available. However I have researched the latest products and have carried out extensive practical training.


I am now happy to offer this procedure with fillers to help you solve your concerns.

If you are worried about….


  • dark circles under the eye
  • Wrinkles/lines under the eye
  • bagginess under the eyes


….then this is the solution.


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Botox® – practice what you preach

Many of my patients ask whether I have botox treatments myself. And the answer, is definitely yes.

I firmly believe in the results achieved from anti wrinkle treatments and would find it hard to justify the treatment on any patient if I do not have it done myself.

I have been undergoing the treatment for a number of years and love the results it gives. It does make me appear younger than I really am and lots of patients comment on how good I look for my age (a bit of ego massaging doesn’t go amiss). By me having the treatment and new patients concerned if they would have a fake and false look. I can demonstrate with my own results that I still can move my facial muscles and still look very natural. Until I tell them I have had the treatment myself, they would not have noticed or known.

Another benefit of having the botox treatment on me is that I can tell patients via first hand experience what they would feel and what would happen in the first few days after the treatment.

For more information on botox hertfordshire, please call us on 0800 006 2266 and pop in and visit aesthetics, based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.


Botox® – will my husband notice

When I first started administering botox back in 2002 I was surprised by the degree some women would go to hide the fact they are having anti wrinkle treatments to reduce their lines from their male partners or husbands.


I have had women pay by cash so their husbands don’t find out. Some even have separate credit cards that their husbands don’t even know about. Now, like me, when you read this, you probably thought, what is my wife up to!


There have been instances where the husband has bought in their wife to the botox appointment and they don’t know they are having the botox treatment. The wife was concerned that the husband may question why she has injection marks on her upper face when she is going to the dentist. This women was quick off the mark and told her husband that she had a course of acupuncture before the dental treatment to calm her nerves.


Another memorable case was a women developed a small bruise around one of her eyes after the botox treatment (its not uncommon for this to happen). When she woke up in the morning she saw this bruise and when her husband saw it too he questioned her about it. She quickly replied, that he had elbowed her at night time and had caused the bruise. This poor chap felt so guilty that he bought her flowers, box of chocolates and a bottle of wine on his return from work.


I also give out my personal mobile number to patients in case they have any questions or concerns after the treatment. I now imagine what they have put next to my name in their mobile phones. I may have to watch my back in case I get any over imaginative husbands chasing me down the road.


So in summary, us men don’t really notice too much, so you can be rest assured that if you want to keep your botox a secret from your husband, you can do.


To keep me your little secret regarding botox hertfordshire, call me on 0800 006 2266.

Botox® – who can do it

With all the news yesterday regarding unlicensed practitioners carrying out botox and dermal fillers, I thought I would reassure my patients and the public.


Up until now botox has always been a prescription based medicine. Therefore before you can administer the procedure you would need an assessment to make sure the treatment is suitable for you. Then only practitioners with a prescribing licence (dentists, doctors and nurse prescribers) would be able to order the botox.


Dermal fillers were previously not prescription medicines. So in theory anyone could inject this. I am glad they have pushed to make dermal fillers prescription based and fall into line with the same criteria as botox.


Dr Singh carries out botox and dermal fillers in his clinic aesthetics, based in Stevenage. As a registered dentist he can assess, prescribe and carry out all anti wrinkle treatments. He also adheres to strong cross infection measures, which means he has a liceneced company to remove and dispose of his clinical waste. He also, uses single use sundries.


If you are unsure whether your practitioner is suitably qualified, you can always ask to see their training certificates and proof of insurance. In addition ask to se some of their before and after photos and any testimonials they may have from other patients.


If you are still in doubt, you should never be put under pressure to have the treatment on the same day as the consultation. I always allow time for patients to make an informed decision before they commit to any treatment.


It is after all your face and you want to place it in the hands of someone you trust and feel comfortable with.


For more information on botox hertfordshire and how anti wrinkle treatments such as botox can help you, please contact Dr Sing on 0800 006 2266.


botox – what happens during the visit

Many of our patients that see us for botox in hertfordshire are slightly unsure on what will happen during the procedure. I have outlined the generic sequence of events that most patients will undergo. Obviously the specifics will change per patient.

1. we would always carry out an initial consultation to see what you are concerned with and how we can help you

2. we would normally book 2 appointments, the first being where the procedure is undertaken and the second would be a review appointment 2 weeks after the initial appointment

3. the initial treatment appointment would last 30mins. The actual procedure only takes a couple of minutes

4. once we have completed the procedure, we would give you some post treatment instructions and book your review appointment

5. at the review appointment we would see your results and get your views on this

6. on average the effects of the botox would last around 3/4 months


if you feel botox hertfordshire which is based in Stevenage can help you, please call on 0800 006 2266.

Botox® – what to ask the practitioner

We have many new patients that are keen to go ahead with botox in hertfordshire but are slightly unsure. However they don’t know what questions they should be asking to reassure them. I have complied a list below of the most commonly questions we get asked. This should help you make an informed decision on whether you feel confident to go ahead with the procedure.


How long will I expect the Botox® to last?

Can you explain to me how does it work?

How much does it cost?

May I see your Botox® before and after pictures?

How many of Botox® injections have you done?

Do you offer free top ups?

What happens if I am unhappy with the results?

Who does the actual injection, you or another staff member?

If another staff member, what are his/her qualifications?

Where is the procedure done?


For more information on how botox hertfordshire can help you roll back the years, please phone Harry in Stevenage, Hertfordshire on 0800 006 2266.


Botox® – can anyone have this treatment

It is vital that yo have a full assessment with the clinician to see whether:


  • your suitable for botox
  • What results you would expect to see
  • There is any contraindications to you having the treatment


Here, I will go over some possible contraindications from you experiencing the treatment:


  • Pregnancy – we would not treat you with botox in hertfordshire if you pregnant
  • Breast feeding – same as above, we would wait until you have stopped breast feeding
  • Allergy to eggs – this is very rare but this would prevent you from having any botox treatments. Alternatives could work for you, such as dermal fillers.
  • Any neurological conditions would prevent you from having botox
  • If you are taking certain antibiotics, normally any antibiotics that fall into the aminogylcosides range


We would rather be over cautious and not treat where possible. As mentioned above there are alternatives available if botox is not suitable for you. These include – dermal fillers, ora lift appliance, dermaroller.


For more information on how botox hertfordshire can help you roll back the years, please phone Harry in Stevenage, Hertfordshire on 0800 006 2266.


Genuine medical dermaroller

Dermaroller in Hertfordshire.


This is a micro needling system that can only be used by a medical professional. The ones used by beauty salons aren’t deep enough to make a difference.


If you are concerned with any of the following:


  • acne scarring
  • hyperpigmented areas
  • uneven skin tone
  • poor skin complexion


Then this is ideal for you, we can treat the face, neck, décolletage and hands.




We have an amazing introductory offer so call us now on 07849 279568 to book a FREE consultation for smoother, younger,brighter and healthier skin.


botox – what to do after the procedure

Many of our patients that visit us at botox in hertfordshire enquire on what to do immediately after the botox.

There are a couple of guidelines to follow immediately after the treatment, such as:

– drink plenty of water in the next 24hours. As a guide, I recommend 2litres of water. The reason we recommend this, is that botox can dehydrate the body and if you don’t replenish this with water, there is a chance you may suffer from headaches.

– no exercise for 24hours. You don’t want to subject yourself to any vigorous head movements, that potentially could spread the botox.

– no helmets for 24hrs. So if your a cyclist or police officer, then you need to plan accordingly. There is a a chance that the hard helmet could compress the injected areas and either spread the botox or reduce its effects.

– no lying down for 3-4 hours. Same again this my either spread the botox or the compression could reduce the effects of botox.

– alcohol, you can consume alcohol within 2hrs of the botox procedure, but drink plenty of water with this, as you may dehydrate the body and cause headaches

– you can apply make up and wash the face straight away, as long as you apply light pressure

– no facials or head massages for a couple of days after the botox procedure – you don’t want to spread or reduce the effects of the botox

– no sun beds for 1 week. We advise against sun beds anyway as this can damage your skin.

Thats about it, so in genial, you need to be careful for the first 24hrs and thereafter you can resume normal day activities.

To see if we can help from our clinic in Stevenage, please call us on 0800 006 2266 for botox in hertfordshire.