Month: June 2010

Fizzy drinks and teeth

At dental school we placed a tooth in a glass of coke and when we came back the next morning, the tooth had dissolved!

Acid erosion is a common problem we face when seeing our dental patients.

Even worse for erosion are the diet drinks. Since they have no or little sugar the acid is more concentrated.

We have recently seen an increase in the number of tooth erosion cases in the last few months. One of the main causes is an acidic diet. This will consists of fizzy diet drinks, yogurts and acidic fruits.

Prevention is key here. We recommend:

1.Get your teeth checked by your dentist for early signs of erosion

2.Never brush your teeth immediately after anything acidic

3.Neutralise the acid by using a fluoride mouthwash

for more information contact us on 01707 261367

aesthetics are pleased to announce that it is the first clinic in Hertfordshire to be registered under treatments you can trust for injectabile cosmetics.

You need to take care when choosing who treats you, and where, and with what.  It is your body after all – take care of it.

Injected substances for cosmetic treatments, such as Botox®® and dermal fillers, are becoming increasingly popular.

Performed by trained people in the right surroundings, these treatments are safe. 

You can only be sure the person you are going to allow to inject you is a suitably qualified and the premises safe when you see the IHAS Quality Assurance Mark:

Before you select your cosmetic treatment Treatments You Can Trust helps guide you to making a safe choice.  Consult the Register of people and organisations that are qualified to administer injectable cosmetic treatments –

When you visit a cosmetic treatment establishment – Look out for the logo – if it is displayed be sure that you are getting Treatments You Can Trust.

Owner of aesthetics, Dr Harry Singh was asked by IHSA to take part in an interview, due to him being one of the first in the country to undergo this voluntary registration. Here are the questions they asked him:

Why did you want to register with the IHAS scheme?

 2 fold – one is to review our systems, there is also room for improvement, so this would improve our knowledge and the patients experience and service. Second to gain recognition and set us apart from the competition. With so many clinics offering injectabiles, patients are confused and may just go for the cheapest, now we can promote our registration.

 + Do you see this as an important quality assurance mark to receive?

 Definitely, it’s the first of its kind. Since it is quite stringent it will put some clinics off or some may not be up to the standard. By registering we have placed ourselves to a certain standard and our happy for me to assess us.

 + Do you think this is important for the wider industry?

 Yes, there is a lot of confusion in the general public on who can do what, what training is required, etc. This has set a standard and the public will hopefully seek this standard out when choosing a clinic.

+ Will you be marketing the fact that you have received the quality assurance mark to your patients?

 Yes, definitely. Hope to do press releases in the local paper, advertise it on our website and literature.

+ Do you think this will help your business?

 Hope so. It all depends on how this is promoted to the general public. Its good to be on the register, but if patients are not searching for it, then we will never be found. We will do our own promotion and this should increase our presence in the local community.

Dr Harry Singh is owner of aesthetics, a centre of excellence offering facial aesthetics in the Stevenage Business Park. aesthetics, 5 Parkhouse Court, Stevenage, Herts, AL10 9RQ, 01707 261367,

what have i been up to

Its been a hectic last few weeks. in no particular order – attending conferences, providing first class service to our patients, looking at the business side of aesthetics and spending quality time with the children.

One of the highlights was attending a dental conference in Las Vegas. It seems that everyone in Vegas lives life to the max and looking after themselves is high on their list. I have never seen so many straight and white teeth and wrinkle free faces.

The conference itself was an eye opener, once I got over to standing up for the national anthem the content was very good. its a shame some of the companies exhibiting don’t do anything for the UK.

Look out for some changes at aesthetics once we implement some of the stuff I learnt from this.

botox herts

Dear Ladies

aesthetics are celebrating Ladies Day at Royal Ascot on Thursday 17th June 2010.

For one day only we are offering an amazing…

Ladies Day Price for all Botox® treatments at 3 areas for £199        (Normal price for 3 areas: £225) 

To take advantage of this incredible offer all you are required to do is phone us or pop in to aesthetics on Thursday 17th June 2010 pay the offer price in full, book your appointment  & ensure your treatment is taken before 17th August 2010.

Please note payment on 17th June 2010 can be made either in person or we can take payment over the phone.

So DO NOT MISS OUT, call us on 01707 261367  now and do not miss out on this fantastic Royal Ladies Day Offer !!

botox in herts

Our amazing offer on Botox® (3 areas for only £225) is spreading like wildfire.

In fact it is so popular that we had a dentist come in for treatment from another practice. she was impressed with the website and the before and after pictures. once here, she was amazed at the surroundings and care she received. She commented that she would definitely be coming back.

Call us on 01707 261367 to become wrinkle free.

facebook competition winner

Congratulations go to Louisa Hodgson who won our free teeth whitening competition on facebook. Hard luck for the other entrants. Keep your eyes out for our next competition.

aesthetics World Cup Whitening Offer

As our boys arrive in South Africa, aesthetics are pleased to announce their amazing teeth whitening offer for the World Cup.

This package will include:

  • New Patient Exam
  • Hygienist Therapy Assessment
  • Custom made Whitening Trays
  • Whitening Gel
  • Power Whitening Session in the surgery

Save an amazing £492. This package is only £299.

For more details see teeth whitening herts

Call 01707 261367 to achieve a dazzling sparkling whiter smile to give you that extra confidence.