Month: December 2009

how to sort out crooked teeth in 12 weeks with The Inman Aligner

It sounds too good to be true, but you can have straighter teeth within 12 weeks with The Inman Aligner. This is a single removable appliance that will tip teeth in their correct position.

Inman Aligner Hertfordshire is relatively new in this country and only a few hundred dentists in the UK have been certified to use it.

The before and after pictures speak for themselves.

You can call us on 01707 261367 and book in for a complimentary pre assessment to see if this is suitable for you.

new cases in botox, invisalign and veneers

Spent the last 2 days with my in laws in Kent. I have heard some dentists comment that they do not let on that they are in the dentistry field when talking to strangers. The reason is that they don’t want to talk about teeth or have stories forced on them about how good or bad the strangers experience with dentist has been when they are away from the surgery. I never hide the fact that I am a dentist and always look forward to their responses. A lot of times it is that I don’t look like a dentist. After hearing this response over many years I quickly reply now – ‘ I must have missed that lecture when they tell you what to look like when out and about amongst the general public’.

I am glad I did mention I was a dentist because a distant cousin and his wife to be have booked in for Invisalign for their wedding in September. Another friend of the in laws is ready for Lumineers. Despite me informing me that I am based in Hertfordshire, the travelling is not the problem. They commented that they could see I was proud of my profession and felt this indicated I would cater for their needs.

On Christmas Eve down the pub (where else would I be) the landlady has taken my details for herself and a group of her friends so they can have Botox® done. They have had it before and were unhappy with the experience. Now with the help of my wife’s cousin and his i-phone they looked at my website and were impressed with the before and after pictures.

This shows you you never know where your next patient is coming from. The above experience is rare, most comments are negative about the profession, so it is always a pleasant surprise to gain extra business this way.

botox testimonial

Just received this testimonial from a patient undergoing botox. She came from Hertfordshire and was unhappy with her lines in the forehead and frown area. Pictures will follow when we have seen the final results.

I just wanted to thank you for the the perfect service you gave me yesterday whilst attending your clinic. I just received a text from you to ask if everything was ok with my visit. The gentleman on reception was very polite. Dr Singh was extremely polite and made my visit a special one. I’m so glad that I have found somewhere to go which looks respectful but also has the aftercare that makes each individual person special.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you all.



Read more about botox here

6 month smiles comes to hertfordshire

aesthetics are pleased to announce the introduction of a new service – 6 month smiles. We are one of the first practices to introduce this in Hertfordshire. This is a form of adult orthodontics that uses clear fixed wires to move teeth rapidly.

So in addition to offering invisalign and inman aligners we can offer a fixed solution as well to get that perfect straight set of teeth without any drilling.

For more information about 6 month smiles click here

For a limited time anyone taking this new service will receive free professional home teeth whitening.

So don’t delay, call us today on 01707 261367.

BDA Good Practice Scheme

Last Thursday we attended the British Dental Association headquarters to be awarded our Good Practice Scheme plaque. At this awards ceremony we met the BDA President. This award confimed our commitment to be the best we can with excellent pathways for team training, sterilisation, administration and customer service.

You can read more about it here

dentistry awards

Just received a letter and certificates showing that at the recent Dentistry Awards we were highly commended for the Best Team in the South East and the Best Marketing nationally. A nice end to the week.

veneers Stevenage

This gentleman presented to our practice in Stevenage since he was unhappy with the appearance of his upper front teeth. In just over a month we provided 6 upper veneers to improve the shape, position and colour of his teeth. He has gained that extra confidence due to his new smile.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and want the smile you deserve read more about veneers here

dentistry awards 2009

The aesthetics team attended the Dentistry Awards 2009 in Leicester on Friday. We were very fortunate to be shortlisted for the Best Team and Best Practice in the South East and the Best Marketing nationally.

As well has this great recognition it also gave a chance for me to thank the aesthetics team for their hard work and dedication this year. To consider we only opened 2 years ago we have achieved a lot. Without the team and most importantly our patients we never would have reached these finals.

Thanks go to the team and the patients. Keep it up.