Month: November 2009

Dermal fillers in Hertfordshire

Would like to share a case of dermal fillers. This lady came from Hertfordshire and was interested in dermal fillers for her lips. We discussed various types of dermal fillers and decided to go for Restylane.

She wanted her lips enhanced in a natural way and not look artificial. She is extremely happy with the final result and even wanted a copy of her before and after pictures to show her friends.

To find out more about dermal fillers click here

Would you like to look 10 years younger?

There are a number of things you can do at home right now that will have dramatic results and the costs will be minimal.

Whiter teeth – stop or reduce smoking, reduce consumption of dark coloured beverages such as black coffee and red wine.

Better skin complexion – never go out in the sun without adequate skin protection, get plenty of rest, exercise, laugh.

If you want some professional help we at aesthetics we have a number of solutions available to restore your natural beauty. Why not take advantage of our amazing offers, don’t delay they will expire next month.

Invisalign – the invisible brace to straighten your teeth in under a year. Get your teeth whitened for free if you take this option.

Veneers – correct crooked, worn, chipped or spaced teeth with veneers and achieve a perfect smile. If you take this option we will whiten your teeth for free.

Implants – fed up of loose dentures or have gaps but don’t want dentures. Get something fixed and natural looking. Why not take advantage of our free implant consultation.

Professional teeth whitening – at an amazing price of £99, get a whiter brighter smile for Christmas.

Anti wrinkle therapies – Botox® at an amazing £199 for 3 areas, reduce those fine lines and wrinkles and look natural at the same time.

Call us now on 01707 261367 to take advantage of these amazing offers or alternatively download our free report on cosmetic dentistry at or guide to facial aesthetics at

British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Conference

I have just returned from this conference which was held in Edinburgh for the last 3 days. Took the early morning flight on Thursday morning and was welcomed in Edinburgh by heavy rain and hurricane winds. It was a very well planned event with a wide range of topics and speakers.

It was a breath of fresh air to see the positivity from other dentists for the future. As well as the material during the day a couple of social events were organised during the evenings.

I will be posting in the coming weeks some of the new techniques, products and treatments I learnt over the conference.

Invisalign in Hertfordshire

Had an interesting conversation with one of our patients this morning about her Invisalign treatment.

She is an international student at the University of Hertfordshire, Stevenage. She is nearing the end of her treatment and is over the moon with the result. However her home country do not offer any cosmetic dental work. She is going home next month and is concerned that the maintenance of her smile may not be the similar standard to what she has received from aesthetics.

This patient raised important issue. We have experienced a few patients that have been very keen during a dental cosmetic procedure to straighten their teeth. However once the treatment is completed they have not returned. We cannot stress the importance of regular follow up visits after any procedure.

Read more about Invisalign Hertfordshire

Dental Trade Show

Will be going to the annual dental trade show in Birmingham on Saturday. I don’t expect to make any big purchases in terms of equipment since we only opened 2 years ago. However it will be good to see any latest launches that could improve the service we offer.

It will also be a fantastic networking opportunity to talk and share ideas with all the reps from the different dental companies being in one place. I remember going to one of these events as a student and picking up every bag and freebie that was going and having aching arms at the end of the day. No chance of that now.

The companies are very clever, offering showcase prices if you order on the day. Dentists generally succumb to these offers. I will be leaving my wallet and cards at home so I don’t get tempted.

private dentistry awards 2009

Just about recovered from this event which was held on Friday in London. It was an excellent location, great food and copious amounts of alcohol. We decided to enter only 1 award – best charity/community project and were happy to be shortlisted. The eventual winner of this category was well deserved and I managed to catch up with them at the after party. I was left in awe with the dedication and time given by this dentist for worthy causes.

Our congratulations go to all the winners, they have raised the benchmark yet again. I spoke to a couple of the winners and they were humble in their achievement.

The aesthetics team enjoyed themselves and it was a pleasure to be in their company.

How to look 10 years younger by using Botox®

We had a young lady from Hertfordshire concerned with her frown lines. After only 10 mins of Botox® therapy the lines had disappeared. She did truly look 10 years younger in less than 10 minutes of treatment time.

I just wanted to say thank you to you guys to the service, atmosphere and friendly care provided to me on my visit on Friday when I had my Botox® done, also your care is all very exceptional. You all made me feel very comfortable and at ease and my confidence has grown. P.s Thanks for the lovely birthday card and voucher.”
Wendy Snowden

why is it that some people are fearful or nervous of the dentists

We recently treated a very nervous gentleman who had not been to the dentist for a while.

At the initial consultation we talked informally about his past experiences and what he wanted from a dentist going forward. I expected he was afraid of the needle or maybe the drill. It was none of these. It was that he felt he was not in control and did not know what was happening with his treatment.

At aesthetics we discuss all the options available and let you decide what you want to go ahead with. Sometimes as dentists we feel the patient knows as much as us about what is happening and we see no reason for the need to explain it. By discussing all the options available we hope patients will not be fearful or nervous of a visit to the dentist.

“The service and care provided to me has been nothing other than exceptional. At my initial  consultation we discussed all options and everything was explained thoroughly. The work  was then carried out and completed to a high standard with plenty of emphasis on patient care.”

Ian Buttle

aesthetics approaching 2 years

aesthetics opened for business in November 2007. The time has flown by and we have achieved so much. We started with a vision and a business plan, however like life you can never predict the future. We have changed the plan to accommodate our patients wishes, desires and needs. No one could have predicted the economic downturn.

I regularly get asked if I would have still opened or changed anything if I knew what would have happened in the last 2 years. Without hesitation I would have not changed a thing. I knew the type of services I wanted to offer the expereince I wanted our patients to feel, hear and touch and this could only have been done by opening a new business and why wait for tomorrow.

Around 5 years ago when I was a trainer for recently qualified graduates, the young graduate commented that my business partner was inactive, he concluded he was reactive and that I was proactive. I never thought of this until he remarked and I have tried to live up to his understanding of my character ever since that period.

What will the 3rd year of business bring for aesthetics – we can plan and have goals (the proactive bit) but we must be reactive to what is going on around us and never be inactive and wait for things to happen.