Month: October 2009

Inman Aligner, Botox®, Dermal Fillers, Veneers, Invisalign – all in a weeks work

As the Half Term week draws to an end. I wanted to reflect on the week and illustrate the wide range of services we offer the residents of Hertfordshire.

Monday – Review of a young lady who has been wearing the Inman Aligner for a month. She is very pleased with the rapid movement of the teeth and already had some positive comments from her friends.

Tuesday – Treated 3 lovely ladies for Botox®, 2 are regulars and 1 was a new patient. It seems they want to look their best just before Christmas and who can blame them.

Wednesday – Restylane Lipp was used as a Dermal Filler to enhance the lips of a patient. This required numbing up before the procedure and  she didn’t feel anything during the procedure. Will review in a couple of weeks.

Thursday – Follow up on a young gentleman that was interested in Veneers. We had previously taken impressions of his teeth and asked for a cast model with the Veneers in wax. This will allow us to see the final result and plan accordingly.

Friday – Review of a lady coming to the end of her Invisalign treatment. It has just been over 6 months. Once we are happy with the final result a retainer will be constructed to keep the teeth in their new position.

Couple of days off now and off we go again next week.

another sparkling white smile is leased onto the streets of Stevenage

aesthetics in Stevenage are pleased to announce its Christmas promotion of Professional Home Teeth Whitening at only £99.

The pictures below show the results of our teeth whitening system. She lived in St Albans and was unhappy with her discoloured teeth from smoking, drinking red wine and black coffee. She was also had very sensitive teeth and was worried that the teeth whitening gel would make this worse.

We carried out a full examination and explained the procedure. We recommended that the patient have a 2 week course of desensitiser toothpaste prior to the teeth whitening. Impressions were taken of her teeth and 2 weeks later the custom made whitening trays were fitted and the whitening gel was given. The patient returned after 14 nights to have the power whitening session. She experienced no sensitivity from the teeth whitening and was amazed at the end result.

How to straighten your teeth with veneers

We just wanted to share a testimonial from a very satisfied patient who had a number of veneers to straighten her teeth. We won’t talk into too much detail about it because her words summarise it a lot better than we could.

“When I visited your practice to restore my smile, I was treated professionally and politely at all times and was put at ease when I was nervous. The best compliment I have had was seeing my sister recently and her response was “incredible, you look like a new person”. You should never under estimate the importance of caring for your teeth, and especially having confidence in your dentist. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your work colleagues, I will happily recommend your work to friends and family whenever I have the opportunity.”

Deborah Gunn

keeping in touch with the latest trends in private dentistry

We have just returned from a one day seminar – Private Dentistry Live. This was held in London and was divided between Clinical and Practice Management topics.

Not one to boast but it is always reassuring to know we are doing most of the things that were mentioned on Friday. However we can always improve, so keep an eye out for some changes in the near future.

dental awards

aesthetics are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for a number of Dental Awards.

Private Dentistry Awards 2009 – Best Charity/Community Award

Dentistry Awards 2009 – Best Team and Best Practice for the South East and Best Marketing for the National Award.

This recognition is testament to the faith showed to us by all the patients and we would like to thank them for their good luck wishes and their continual support.

Revamped website

We have nearly now completed the revamping of the website. We have made the layout more simpler and easier to follow. The homepage is now divided between the dental and facial rejuvenation services.

A live chat facility has been incorporated on the homepage. Here you can chat online to one of our friendly team members without the need to call us.

We are waiting for some vidoe clips to be incorporated on the website.

aesthetics would like to hear your comments on the new look website, so please feel to post any comment you may have.

Lumineers comes to Hertfordshire

Would you like straighter whiter teeth without removing healthy tooth structure?

aesthetics is please to announce it is one of the few dentists offering Lumineers in Hertfordshire. These veneers are similar to contact lens and because they are very thin, do not need as much tooth structure removed and in some cases no healthy tooth tissue needs to be removed.

Call us on 01707 261367 to book a free smile evualtion to see if your are suitable for this treatment.

transforming the patient experience

Harry and Sean Fitzpatrick Dublin 2009

Smita and Harry attended a 1 day course in Dublin on Saturday 10th October. We were honoured to hear Paddi Lund speak (a famous Australian dentist), Sean Fitzpatrick (ex captain of All Blacks) and Chris Barrow (Dental coach). Certainly a lot was learnt and even had time for a few pints of Guinness.